The First Journey

My journey begins only today as i wait on you to read stories written of fire, sacrifice, power and maybe, just maybe truth. I sat for a while wondering what musical moments would captivate you to reach a state of mind that those only known to me have reached. “Those” being the me and hers and hims that have transitioned with me as i walked a lovely path of discovery, wondering where i should have gone, what i should have seen and just maybe were i could have been. “I” being my predominant existence and all else following not so willingly behind. So “I” will be the me that sees through the eyes of my 20 year old mind.

So, today as i wonder through time and live through my oh so conflicting world were words are but feelings and memories become life and everything in between carries little or no meaning, i will think of you and wonder why you are here and guessing what you will read. As dangerous as my thoughts will be, as they question life and mortality and the agonistic pleasure of Thought. I will remember you and try and tell your story as you read my oh so senseless notion of what i call Life, in its predominant realm of my, yes MY take on this Reality which you will come to know as Existence.

I don’t try to work out feelings as i write, as you will notice. I’m just telling a very truthful tale of what i see, hear and maybe pass through. All i know is my generation of beings are passing through what i call an unthought generation. So I am going to make every effort of trying to explain and collaborate evidence that prove that we may be living in the most significant time in existence and in memory. Everything being as prideful and powerful as the day death became us. We have failed to really exist so “I” Tee, am going to challenge my so predominant existence to start a generation of Thought, my way of explaining that Life has just passed right by you and yes you haven’t realised it.

So i am so grateful that you read this, not really sure why, but maybe you just see life in living

Signing out


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