Why Not God?!!?

So, the question on my mind is Why not God? It seems for so long I have tried to define and redefine myself with unnecessary beliefs and young joys. As a young woman all that made sense at one point was defining myself, literally hanging myself with strings of unlove and undestiny. So, let’s look into the world’s state of affairs, getting back to the now generation. How do we try to understand our Thought Generation and how the world’s influence has allowed them to think. With most young adults, life is defined by unchoice, by that I mean, we have been cautioned to think by how the world defines thought. Money, fake love (especially from movies), actresses, musicians and all the more “FAME.”  All we really want is to be rich, whether for the wrong reasons or the most terrible reasons, our thoughts have not started functioning because we imagine they start functioning when we are standing on a yacht in our holiday homes, exclaiming our achievements to the world. All that this generation or even worse the coming generation has been taught is self-indulgence and unlove.
Except I found in the midst of this psycho-culture a love that defines itself. Makes everything so much easier to handle. Actually all I have to do is trust and all things kinda just work out. They say a lot about this Father of mine, but the truest of them all is His unfailing love. Our thoughts have taken us to great lengths to prove our infatuations with silly “stuff” that end up destroying, killing and completely ruining our hope and purpose. Wouldn’t it be easier (in saying of course) if we believed our purpose was all covered, was written in history’s page and that it just involved love, not drugs, alcohol, low self-confidence, peer pressure. I’m saddened that this Thought Generation cannot see how love just cries out to its children. He is kinda Awesome, read about Him.
So it seems there is no excuse as Hope is said to exist, the decision is so beautifully amazing, but worthwhile to take in and just let Him be who He is “LOVE”. My thoughts lead to love, amazing radical Love.


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