Wings for show? I don’t think so ..

It’s all about wings! (and flying **, )

Wouldn’t it be nice to have wings, imagine the freedom, the joy of navigating your way anywhere in the universe, AWESOME! God gave us wings, He literally came to earth and restored all joy, all peace, all Faith, all authority and made us complete in His love, is that not enough?? Come on!! We have incredible wings that are soo unused, probably shedding a few feathers and we are soo okay with being comfortable on the ground?

Standing in front of the mirror today I discovered that my wings have not been in use for a while (long while!), it’s such a tragic waste to not take advantage of everything I believe. I mean if I truly believe in the most AWESOME God, who sent His son to die; so I could have freedom (and tell mountains to move) then I don’t have an excuse to stay on the ground. From a young age I had this supernatural idea of being a superhero and being able to fly high above the world were nothing can overpower me, were I could save the lost and magically heal the broken, maybe the idea was way off but the reality is I CAN. With all authority I can move mountains, heal the sick and the broken, share in Love and fly above the sky with Holy Spirit, I AM TOTALLY LOVING THIS (in case you haven’t noticed)! My reality has just been ignited, and everything is just soo great because I can do all things through Christ who is my strength. I am justified and am more than a conqueror, I have the love of God in my heart and have His strength to guard me in everything and I’m going to do this in JOY because in His presence there is fullness of JOY.

We’ve all been sticking one foot in and one out of this great IDEA (so we think), that MAYBE real or not. We are uncertain of this God we allow to be in our lives and are very unsure or rather uncomfortable with taking a risk (I call it jumping off a cliff and letting Him catch me). Someone wrote that we either believe in EVERYTHING God is or we don’t believe at all. We believe He can heal us yet also keep a reservation about Healing the sick, Walking on water, casting out demons when this is the same God!!

Come On, let 2011 be the year where you let God be who He is and let go of everything, every idea every logical explanation (as some would like to put it) and just jump cause He will catch you. I’m tired of being comfortable and safe with religious, repetitive exercises that haven’t been working thus far (Insanity?). I’m stepping out and flying with Him. Give Him a chance? Make Him Lord of your life and You might just find a reality and Life beyond yourself from AWESOME GREATNESS.

You are just AWESOME JESUS!!!

Signing out …With LOVE


Jesus Culture Music (We cry out – Album)


2 thoughts on “Wings for show? I don’t think so ..

  1. I love your blog spot and i think its really cool, its really inspiring stuff you write about and i have decided i as from now i am spreading my wings to greater things in life!!!!!! Love Sasha


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