My middle name is CONQUEROR (past tense)

Hellooooo world, long time J. I thought it’s about time I share about the fantastic things happening in people lives (and mine) because of what God has DONE. I used to think that only a certain group of special people were called to this miraculous lifestyle until two weeks ago. It’s funny (literally) how I read these scriptures (Mark 16:17) so often, and failed to realise that I was one of these people who believed, but also if I believed then why didn’t these signs (past tense) follow me. I was getting stuck in religious activities that were somewhat noble but were fruitless. I needed that ‘more’ that Jesus talked about for those who believed. I kept persisting that these signs will follow, so I prayed, and asked, and He revealed “The truth” and it set me free I am FREE!!! AMEN. The truth of His Grace has totally set me free from bondage, from a yoke that was never meant to be mine. I am free, (lol). I am a child of God (John 1:12-13) the Spirit testifies to that (Romans 8:14,15). I am seated with Christ in heavenly places above everything (Ephesians 2:6). These verses became life to me, it was like I discovered the word of God for the first time and His Spirit that makes it life. That “cockroach” couldn’t keep this truth away from me.


When I discovered my identity in Christ, everything became clear (still discovering more everyday). I knew that I had access into Gods presence and everything had to kneel down to the name above every name, Jesus, nothing could keep anyone in bondage unless we gave it an opportunity to, and we discovered we don’t give anything or anyone the opportunity to keep people in bondage when Jesus overcame it all and killed sin. My life is upside down and I love it, my fellowship with Dad (God) is great and my relations are increasingly interesting.


We’ve been to Helen Joseph (hospital in Johannesburg) twice and the testimonies of healings are just WOW. We experienced people’s lives being touched by God and being transformed (WOW). But this shouldn’t be too surprising He did say “these signs WILL follow those who believe”. One lady particularly touched me, she couldn’t walk and through laying on of hands and prayer she started walking and her family who were with her were brought to Christ, yes WOW. That’s the fantastic Lord that I serve, the one who delivered us.


I cannot explain how good and fantastic the knowledge of Him has been to me. But I trust that this testimony, and many others to come, will urge you to seek the truth and come out of bondage and this lie that has been told/taught to you. You are free and loved, this freedom was purchased for you, you don’t have to live under bondage any longer, He destroyed the yoke of slavery to sin and death. It’s time we start living in what we have. We have been stuck for so long asking God to come and do when He came and did. He overcame and gave us authority over everything, let’s be the salt and light in a world that is suffering from bondage and LAW. Let’s discover the true meaning of what he already achieved, the message of Grace is truly what you have been waiting for …..WOW, (ran out of


My prayer for you is to discover the truth and the magnificence that is found in Him.


Stay blessed


Tins M (the MIGHTY Conqueror)



5 thoughts on “My middle name is CONQUEROR (past tense)

  1. My the Lord bless u for a job well done coz victory is ours in Heaven. i belive tht we as christians we really need to undrstnd Gods word, lets open our eyes and see beyond, our ears and here Gods voice. Why do we memorise verses and cntinue to preach wht we dn't undrstand ?

    The pwer was given to us yes! The question is do we understand tht or ar we afraid to use it or ar we ashamed to be his children. Lets accomplish our mission.


  2. We are so comfortable with living in our comfort zones that we so easily forget the purpose of the cross. We have sooo much and its high time we seek truth, move away from our comfort zones and realise our identities in Christ.

    Stay Blessed 🙂


  3. wow wat an amazing testimony!!!wow this is truely gonna change lives i love this!!!i love the part about the woman walking thats amazing!!!
    I have so noticed through this too that we put god in a box with our doctrines..its really sad…when we could be out there changing lives!!!!


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