I am AN AFRICAN (and dont have lions)


A thought on how this culture of neo-contemporary unrest needs revival. Come on, if this generation isn’t trying to get through Beyonce’s pregnancy its trying to get her next track. It almost seems like we are rotating in a culture that doesn’t belong to us. My thoughts, how do we get through some unrest and find rest in just being restful and not trying too hard. I have discovered, through different sources, that I am a human being wow (bold statement) sure! And I am also an Afropolitan (that’s African + cosmopolitan) and also believe or not I am an individual, almost believable. I am just about loving God and being me, fine, I admit it’s been a journey trying to get all this info from myself, but the more I discover it the more real it is. So being African is a bonus, I belong to a rich and diverse culture that has such a deep sense of tradition and history. But in its context I am not living in the bush and do not  (I repeat) do not have lions as pets, I am an African, not poor, young and professional. I am like any other person except I choose to make up my own mind on who I am without the pressures of society and a culture that trying to be walking photoshops. Yah LoLINg J


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