About Worship and Love, then Identity

For those who don’t know I’m Tina, 22, African, beautiful and a wonderful creation. My journey has been one interesting and extremely beautiful, that’s sounds cliche and strange, but yes it has. The pain has somehow pushed me into another place in God, all I ever wanted was more. It wasn’t going to be enough just going to church and leaving, going through the motions of church and not being impacted, changed and revived by the reality that is the Kingdom of God. I am a worshiper, well so is everyone, I just have an amazing Love for Worship. I realized just recently that I could spend my life writing songs, singing, just being in awe of an amazing Father! I am STILL learning, might spend my life doing that but its worth it.

An amazing preacher I look up to once said, we have to develop a language for the next generation to learn and know the things that we have experienced. That’s the reason I am writing, getting information from all sources to try and steward what I have been taught about worship, and to maybe help some worshipers who are stuck going through routine and never encountering a life changing God. In the process of course I am learning a lot 🙂 

I trust this is a blessing and it helps in your journey with Love.

Stay Blessed!



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