I am your thoughts .. Ian Kamau (The Village)

Hear me, my opinion makes sense, it drives you to anger but its the only one you have,
Iweird thoughts will teach you what to think, how to think and when to think it,
I will abuse your ignorance, I will make you who you are,
I will tell you stories of hopelessness and fear,
You will have to believe me, I am me, You are me, I rule your senses, I teach you how to define your identity, I may be your worst enemy but you need me to compensate the hopes you have for reality, The reality I have made. ..

Descartes in his discourse on method makes a startling discovery and proclaims, “I think, therefore I am”. The questionable argument for those living in ignorance is what happens when you don’t think, what happens when you accept the opinion of others to define your environment. Relative to ignorance we have pure stupidity, no disrespect but until we can discover the meaning of self, we will continually live in disadvantage, expecting someone else outside of ourselves to think for us. Politics is paid by the highest bidder, lets start a discussion on reason and change the dynamics of who controls our thought processes.


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