We need new names … Bulawayo

we need new names
Author Extraordinaire

I owe the better parts of myself to my father; He has a sophisticated and brilliant relationship with language.

And so the amazing tale of the author of We Need New Names starts. Her poignant intelligence resonates deeply as she praises her dad on being an inspiration both in her personal life and as an author. I mean we have to give the girl some credit for being on the shortlist of the Man Booker Prize, making her the first black African woman and wonderfully so the first Zimbabwean to be graced with this honor.

I came across this wonderful lady in O Magazine featured as a must read in O’s Book club. Reviews have been flying and flying they should as this book is as exceptional and fantastic as her incredible use of language. She has the remarkable ability to engage your very soul, judging from her wonderful story of Darling adapting to two wonderful extremes and the journey in between that. Kathy in an article for O Mag says “Bulawayo’s use of contemporary culture (the kids play a game in which they hunt for bin Laden and, later, text like their lives depend on it), as well as her fearless defense of the immigrant experience through honoring the cadence of spoken language, sets this book apart—on the top shelf.”

Incredible and highly recommended 😉


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