India – Chennai Love

This was one exciting yet also challenging trip. Not only did I experience the most incredible humility but also I experienced just pure kindness. From the person on the street to the richest of people, everyone was so incredibly kind. I made new friends I know I will keep for a life time. I loved hearing their life stories, their Love stories, their unquenchable stories of survival, their stories of India and the pure patriotic love for their nation.  Even though it was hot *yes it is crazy hot* but waking up every morning to be part of the people I was around was no less than a dream, sometimes even pinching myself just from the realization of it all.

I will never forget MDMT, won’t forget the desire to learn, the eagerness to succeed from the team I worked with.

Such beautiful people, who made me chew chillis, threatening to bring snakes to the office “no no no Jalaj”, took me to the most imcredible places, AND not forgetting Jalaj the prankster but equally wonderful new friend! Latha the sweet and the best, Santhosh’ kindness through it all, Davis the amazing *no jokes*, Sathish *thanks for the book*, Deepesh, Bala the energetic, Crazy and Gorgeousss Dimpal, Archana the sweetest, Kumar and everyone I haven’t mentioned you guys made my stay magical. And not forgetting Ma who made the most incredible tea 🙂

I miss everyone already. I’ve included a gallery of my last day below.

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