Born Today…

Born Today

Is to be one to the one closest to you who shares the air & other elements right there next to you

Two bodies wrapped in darkness among millions of other bodies wrapped in darkness & smoke war bloodshed & chaos

Voices rising out of the dirt one to the one without whom one wouldn’t be one who saves one when lost in regions of the past raging at bygone constellations

Pursued by a swarm of angst gnats who saves by her sight & sound & touch

To notice that gravity’s strong on this planet

Notice there’s a half-ton of apples in that tree

Notice cricket jumping on cedar branch

Feline humor magpie elegance

In sum this world born not so long ago with maybe not that far to go

Still roaming the contradictory corridors of a universe or two wind turns pages then ..

Shuts the book..  he looks up, she looks up from the piano keys

Hold that frame 

Anselm Hollo

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