Her King

With a dashing groom, I love I laugh
His name is Joy his breathe is hope
He lavishes his roses of Love upon my heart,
Oh why my soul wont you sing out

With a dashing groom, may my heart cry out
In this new dawn of marriage bliss
I find forever in just one kiss,
His breathe is Joy, His Love is Life
He makes my heart cry out, tears only for Love

Let me go out in hills of peace and peace only He brings
Run in the wind of His righteousness
Let go in the madness of His Majesty
Dancing unafraid of this unrelenting unrest of purity and colouring Heaven with the sound of a bride who meets her King

Gone days brought no joy compared to this,
Wild at heart is His longing for me,
From earths foundation He thought of me,
This Perfect being thought of me,
Oh He makes my heart cry out, singing and dancing to the beat of His dreams

Let go oh my soul, let my spirit lead in this song,
Of a wonderful King who found the depth of this young heart,
Flattered my heart to the sound of His laughter,
Oh we sing because you are brilliant, the worlds at your hold oh King you are genious,
Beholding you is like water in the desert sand, Calm and mad joy is your smile to me

Oh King you are incredible,
The wonders of earth could not parallel how beautiful you are to us,
You bring life to us, Glory are you
We dance unrelenting, how can we not see the wonder of our Saviour King.



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