The Price – A King

Oh my heart let it not seem tragic to live yourself in the hands of a loving King,

What He may seem should not conflict with what He is,Your heart beat, the rhythm of His being,

He alone thought about your intricacies, imagined each thread of life in You,

When He evaluated your influence in His creation, He knew You, He knew who you would be in it’s part,

So Then my heart, know Him, know that it is not tragic to live your beat in His loving embrace,

To live in the ruin of His Grace is not the end of you, rather, it is the beginning of You,

My heart listen, try hard to listen, to His heart beat, it does beat after you,

You are after all created after it, for only Himself, to have you be the object of His affection,

My heart pay heed to me, your soul, find Him, Know Him,

It is as important as your next breathe.

Die that you may live.

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