Oceans and the middle

In between poverty and wealth,
In between what can and what should be,
Between events and moments,
Between the similar and the probable,
I am most amazed at how in moments in between,
I find your Grace able,
Able to contend with my madness,
My aspirations,
My inability,
To find I am powerless yet so powerful

I see waters far deep in oceans powerful and free,
Free to long and move,
Waves of such peace yet such turbulance yet such freedom,
There seems to be no end to their longing to act,
To be still, to rage, to calm, to trust, even when borders become breached,
It stills holds its own,
Free, proud, dangerous, peaceful, beautiful,
As if created to be Free
Freedom is its own
Freedom to be

By Tina Manyanya

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