Suffocating ..

Fantastic thought!

I Am My Father's Child

I have this massive unrelenting headache that refuses to call it amends, been having a lot of those lately, it almost feels planned, they show up as though they were invited only to throb right where my safety net is ready to catch me, protect me, just when I have settled the matter and welcomed my theory of “this is how its meant to be”.

When did you become so fearful, chocked up by panics that cuff you up in stifling chains? Why are you so afraid? What are you so scared of? See others dive in the ocean and live, yes live, you have been stuck right where you are and you know it, don’t confuse your sorry “that was a great moment” as nothing more than a settle but very clear way to stop you from moving forward! Don’t you get it, this is it, the siren was sounded…

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