I almost cry,
I almost lose my Hope and fall into deep darkness,
I almost find no reason to know this Hope,
I almost find no need to have this Hope,
Almost forget the times in your arms where you tell me its going to be okay, 
I almost lose it,
I almost fall apart,
But You remind me of it all,
You remind me of the fall and the resurrection,
You remind me that even today, in this, You are indeed King,
Your exceptional Love is all I need to know,
The Hope in Your Grace is my lifeline,
The Brilliance in your Brilliance is my comfort,
Your absolute Peace is my Peace, because you gave it to me,
You are exceptional at being You, at being All Powerful,
All Incredible,
Even when my almost becomes a reality and I fall into the depths of my soul,
Your Fullness is at hand, beckoning me to know in that moment,
You are still mine, my King, my personal Royal.
Death lost its sting, embarrassed on the cross it fled,
I know You are still, still the One, I need,
In it all King,
You still Love me.

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