The Warrior of Ephesus

Fire fleeing my soul, my heart catches a breathe as screams, war cries rage on and on,
As I prepare my soul for death or life,  but what is living when faced with mirrored visions of foes and loved ones dying,
I take on my heart to calm, no matter what peace may race, my feet with dance,
Dance in this uncertainty of my dreams living, or my visions leaving with me to a grave shallow or deep,
I am in awe of life, of the days I wasted not dreaming a good dream and living a solid fight for life, to life,
I put on my sandals, my readiness to walk out in abrupt confidence, daring an enemy who seems strong,
I wear my clothes, armor, thinking will swords go through, will they pierce my heart my bones my soul.

This belt isn’t strong enough will it hold my heart, will it keep me in peace, will I find refuge in the truth of these beliefs,
Oh this helmet, I wonder what I may consider as I rage on in my fiery cry to defeat but not without my priced position, my sword, my shiny piece of vengeance, the weapon I hear is my choice, slaying thousands and slaughtering them in their prime.

I stand strong like David cutting Goliath’s head.  Was he real I wonder did he feel the power I feel holding this price.

Its today they will see defeat, I am convinced that whether I live or die I will see victory, I will succeed, we will cry out seeking hope and leaving memories once seen, waiting for them to see the light, we wait to feel the pains of our greatest endevour, we await our victory.

I walk out passionate about my own belief as I take my shield, YES finally I see, that I walk forward to see Him, as I slay them in darkness, and I wait to hear gospels in pure light, I fight to defeat them.

But in life I live, in death I live, I win.

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