To Cinderella ..

Cinderella, we implore you, heed the words that transform in you as we speak,

Your wonderful lies have left us all struck, thronged in terrible throws on unwavering wrongs,

You have left us moved, belittled in the sight of our own eyes,

Not measuring up to your inadequacy, longing after your irrelevancy,

In our hearts you were perfection, perfected without character,

Your smile was amazing, though as wonderful as it was, it left us scarred,

Terrifying lies spoken in the ardor of your words,

Cinderella you evil, taken from skies bright and blue, lovely and ugly,

You have broken us to believe you,

Believe in you, we have made you a god to our needs,

Hoping to share your hopes,

Leaving us in pieces, of what we could possibly never see,

Cinderella you angel, wings of gold a heart of stone, a smile of thorns,

You inflict our pain with your youth…

We adore you,

We abhor you,

We adore you, give us your perfection, let us delight in our pains ..



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