To Michelangelo

I found it strange that you would paint such things,

Niccolo Quaratesi said you weren’t quite truthful about the way you behaved,

You thought you knew the events unfolding before your eyes,

You thought that life would cut you some true self-reliant processes as you stay aware of what seems untrue,

You were far too narrow in your focus of what lay ahead of us,

This picture was far too much to try and explain only creation,

Adam was far too much of a human for us to think this spoke only about what you saw through your eyes,

Eve was next to him,

God was reaching out to him, not only to give life, but He was reaching out to him,

It never ended with creation, It never ended,

Michel, know this, let me be kind, ever since you left we have been trying to restore what you saw in your eyes as you made this,

Michelangelo, we are still reluctant to reach out to him for life,

Michelangelo, tell me more about what He showed you, tell me more of life’s mysteries & ways that I may see through your desperate eyes,

Dammit Michel, tell us now so we may find what we lost in your eyes.

Apparently your eyes were blind, not seeing us through them, not seeing that we would see more than you told us, more than you showed us.

Michel.  Please.


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