I once thought words were houses built by sunrises,
Kept together by sunsets, not able to withstand the rain,
Not able to ascend into heaven to be heard,
These words that keep me alive have no home to reflect and believe,
But music never finds home in unwiltering escapes,
Oh WORDS, be my home, fill me with music and let me feel safe in the comfort of what you seem to be,
Let me escape in your seeming protection and reason my doubt with your ability to find sweet musings to let me know you are safe,
Let me hug you in dreams, let me hug you when dreaming

Let me dream you in my drowning, and feel you take me into hills far,
Deep in hills with little cottages surrounded by trees.

House me dear words.

House me dear words.

To feel safe, no sound, safe no sound.

Feel safe with no sound



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