Surfacing upon daybreak you let go of yesterday’s fears and try again afraid,
Reliving the symptoms of society’s ills, you make do with performance anxiety and try by all means to live out of courage,
But mama never told you courage comes expensive,
How do you make do with no money in the bank,
Hand to mouth, loans and credit cards piling up as you try your best to live out loud, never laughing out loud as your emoticons expressing your apps, you keep on crying out loud,
Expensive decisions take you to streets, selling valuable merchandise all because you need to eat, The paper needs to be had, Louis Vuitton never understood hunger when he made that gorgeous bag you want to own,
You die daily, sacrificing what passions you think you have,
Laying them awkwardly in the open .. laughing out loud .. jokes not funny,
Tying nooses on your neck you want paper, you want courage,
Courage my darling comes expensive and you can’t afford it,
What a mess you’re in.

What manner of woman can survive everyday with no hope of tomorrow’s joys,
Cry dear beauty, your tears where never yours to keep,
That paper you saved almost has you buying that courage,
It was never that expensive .. wealth was always relative

As you were ..


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