What Drives You?

Good question..

Someone once posed this question to me, somewhere I think. What drives you? What makes you wake up every morning, with renewed purpose, ready to take on the challenges on every day? Apparently in this question lies your continued hope. The underlying answer will reveal the intentions of your very soul and leave you quite content in realizing purpose.

In discovering the plans behind my many dreams, this is one way to keep myself motivated and daily finding purpose. Thing is you need a vision, and a direction, that is clear and precise, whether short term, med term or long term. Waking up every morning remembering why you are doing what you are doing keeps you accountable to your plans, if what you are doing isn’t fitting into your vision, then maybe it’s time to consider re-routing in the coming year.

You want to be a business person, owning some conglomerate. Okay. Good Vision. Everyone wants to be Bill Gates. But you won’t get there by just wanting.

What does it take to own a SMALL business? What skills will you need? What are you good at? Anyone around you doing business you can get to mentor you?

“What small steps will you take today to become the success you envision?”

This drive starts with you seeing where you want to be, remember it, refine it, intelligently think about it, strategize (as in anything in life) on what it takes to get there. And start walking towards it.

“ Many seldom just bump into success, there is a lot of personal back work happening that leads to small good decisions that lead to major successes. ” Tinashe

One thought on “What Drives You?

  1. Truly a question I have never asked myself…now I’m sitting here trying to answer that question…simple question but yet so powerful…I am yet to find out what drives me…


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