They were selling love outside the market near the corner shop,
It was illegal. I watched them day by day try to get away from the law-makers.
They looked like murderers.
No one came by to buy it or offer them their kindness,
Love is too expensive to be bought in these ways,
Everyone grew weary and tired of trying to find it,
It was easier to gaze at the possibilities it brought but never be taken by its deception,
The faction said no one needed it,
It was one of those things that stirred any pot any day,
This thing, this Love thing had started wars, so the pacifists told us it was very much an evil,
It was very much a thing of the past,
No one was ready for such a weighty thing,
The faction also said that once you knew it,
It would destroy everything,
So we stayed away, we pretended like it was the one thing we never wanted,
We spoke of it only in the dark, and marvelled at the vendors that offered its embrace on the black market,
I was born with this wonderful ability to attract trouble,
And trouble came with Love, I wanted it, I wanted to know it,
I wanted to sense it, and feel its warmth or danger,
I mean it seemed like it was life or death, I wanted to know both its fears, its darkness, its sins, or its joys,
I wanted to become one with the opportunity it presented,
What was in it,
What made it seem so beautiful,
What made it seem like it was the one thing I couldnt leave without,
If they catch me,
I may die,
They may lock me up. What of my mother and brothers.
Will they also lock them? Goodness. Such hopelessness. Maybe thats why its the thing we shouldnt want the most, it seems to bring danger even when you dont have it.
Maybe its not my time yet, some have said it can come to you if chosen. Maybe I am one of the chosen, I chuckle at the thought. I am a nobody, nothing significant ever happens in my bloodline.
Okay. I hear myself. I sound crazy. I will let these thoughts mirrored in the wildest dimensions of my mind pass me as I wait to find the in-roads of this toil. Maybe then I can find myself. I am not looking for anything to make the days any brighter. I am in need of what the factions say I need. I need to follow the path long paved for me and those of my keen, and stay away from this – dreaming?
GET BACK TO WORK they say. OKAY I respond. It wasn’t worth the thoughts. I digress.



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