Blocks That Are Built ..

I sat at the feet of beauty, unable to behold her;
Choking as I were,
Life draining out of my body,
Yet how magical the roses and the greens,
The incandescent light of life they emanated,
How they must have longed for me to behold them in that very moment, attracted to their spirit,
The life that gives off more life,
How they must have wanted me to take but a moment,
I was busy choking, I decided not to remember from where the terror had risen from,
But it choked me,
I beheld life, and looked away unimpressed, I wanted more from the beauty,
I was looking for more moments,
For a place and a time, I remembered had never existed,
I wanted to be one with the thoughts, yet they had gone before me into the place they once surrended to,
I was true, I was living, I was here, I was more,
Beauty was true, Beauty was here, Beauty lived, Beauty was more,

It was at nine oclock that very morning I decided to clear the road for a Master who took His time to teach me patience.
Yes another Beauty was here. I had no choice but to behold Him.
It was another House the master destroyed, yet was building.
The paradox familiar.

Aluta …


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