The Government I want

The Government I want! by @MasimbaManyanya

The Manyanyas

It is intriguing that the advocacy for economic justice always appears to circumvent the real culprits behind our demise; the large Multi-National Corporations (MNCs), particularly those in the extractive sectors. Yes public corruption is rife, and it is certainly part of the matrix of problems that beleaguer Zimbabwe. But it appears inadequate attention is given to the root cause of the corruption; the filthy rich MNCs, who have so much money they can corruptly resolve any hindrance they may face with an African Government. Why does conventional economics seem to hate the African person when it comes to the activities of these so called large investors?

Firstly, Africa needs a consistent flow of resources to finance national budgets and private investment through progressive, rather than regressive tax regimes. Importantly, Zimbabwe has abundant land, but this resource is meaningless if it is not managed with wisdom. For my dear country, Zimbabwe…

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