Walter de la Mare One moment take thy rest. Out of mere nought in space Beauty moved human breast To tell in this far face A dream in noonday seen, Never to fade or pass; A breath-time’s mute delight; A joy in flight: The aught desire doth mean Sighing, Alas!


Great carnal mountains crouching in the cloud That marrieth the young earth with a ring, Yet still its thoughts builds heavenward, whence spring Wee villages of vapor, sunset-proud.— And to the meanest door hastes one pure-browed White-fingered star, a little, childish thing, The busy needle of her light to bring, And stitch, and stitch, upon… Read More Sunset


I once thought words were houses built by sunrises, Kept together by sunsets, not able to withstand the rain, Not able to ascend into heaven to be heard, These words that keep me alive have no home to reflect and believe, But music never finds home in unwiltering escapes, Oh WORDS, be my home, fill… Read More Words